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Awareness. Acceptance. Action. Adherence.

Ask yourself,  “What do I want to accomplish?” If you're seeking to refine certain skills or techniques, life coaching can guide you. But if you want to change deep-seated beliefs and heal past trauma, a therapist might be better suited for you.

Your Coaching Partnership

  • We feel a natural resonance and enthusiasm for each other.

  • You are willing to invest in your own happiness.

  • You are 100% committed to change and will do what it takes.


Our partnership might not yield the desired results if:

  • External pressures influenced your decision to seek coaching.

  • You perceive coaching as just a trend.

  • Financial concerns outweigh your commitment to personal growth.

  • You are not 100% committed to change.


Top 5 Benefits of Partnering with Me


More abundance in all areas of your life, including your finances.


Clarity around your mission in the world and a renewed motivation to succeed.


Confidence that you are sharing your gifts and being responsible not only to yourself, but to all other


A dramatic improvement in your health and a significant increase in your energy levels, leading to high levels of creativity.


Ownership of your own behavior and an increased understanding of other people’s behavior, leading to improved relationships at all levels.

Contact Me Today for an Initial Discussion

Mission Statement

To offer hands-on guidance and direction for those in need, assisting them in aligning their personal and professional lives to reach greater heights.


The Recipe for Success

  • Culinary-Focused Evaluations

  • Personal POA

  • Tools for Elevating Your Career

  • Daily One-on-One Support Sessions

  • Strategy Development

  • Guidance to Achieve Personal and Professional Goals

  • Behavioral Adjustments for Improved Collaboration

  • Fresh Perspectives on Challenges

  • Overall Self-Improvement

The three C's of effective life coaching – Commitment, Clear Goals, and Communication. As industry professionals, we understand the importance of commitment in perfecting a dish. Similarly, in coaching, dedication is the key ingredient. To truly benefit, you need to be fully invested in the process and open to change.

I’ve coached people from all sorts of backgrounds using methods backed by years of experience (without woo-woo or BS), helping them in these areas…


Life at the Kitchen Counter

Life Coaching for Every Day People

Clarity Coaching

Gain absolute clarity about your goals, values, purpose and what’s stopping you from having the life you want and being the best version of yourself. 

Strategy Coaching

Develop a game plan to overcome your challenges and limiting beliefs and make methodical progress towards your goals whether in life, career or business. 

Accountability Coaching

10x your commitment and consistency with unwavering accountability and make progress non-negotiable and the only option forward. 

Productivity Coaching

Improve your personal and professional performance, organization skills, time management, and get the best out of yourself. 

Image by Austin Ban

What is a Discovery Session?

The Discovery Session is a chance for us to understand your goals, challenges, and desired support, while also gauging our fit for life coaching. Lasting 10-15 minutes, it ensures ample time for thorough discussion. Often, this chat alone brings clarity and optimism about the future. If we resonate and see potential in our partnership, we'll outline next steps. Opting to work together means regular coaching sessions to strategize, maintain clarity, and ensure accountability – all without unnecessary jargon. From the start, you'll benefit from a trustworthy professional bond and the guidance of an experienced life coach.

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